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Question - 1 : David Coperfield' is a/an ___ novel.

a) Victorian

b) Elizabethan

c) Romantic

d) Modern

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Question - 2 : War and Peace উপন্যাসের রচয়িতা-

a) লিও টলষ্টয়

b) ডেভিড রিকার্ডে

c) কার্ল মার্কস

d) জেন অস্টিন

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Question - 3 : একটি ক্লাসে ৩০ জন ছাত্র আছে। তাদের মধ্যে ১৮ জন ফুটবল খেলে এবং ১৪ জন ক্রিকেট খেলে এবং ৫ জন কিছুই খেলে না। কত জন উভয়ই খেলে?

a) 3

b) 5

c) 7

d) 9

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Question - 4 : প্রকর্ষ শব্দের সমার্থক শব্দ-

a) উৎকর্ষতা

b) অপকর্ষ

c) উৎকর্ষ

d) অপকর্ষতা

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Question - 5 : Rumor is the most primitive way of spreading stories-by passing them on from mouth to mouth. But civilized countries in normal times have better sources of news than rumor. They have radio, television, and newspapers. In times of stress and confusion, however, rumor emerges and becomes rife. At such times different kinds of news are in competition: the press, television, and radio versus the grape vine. Especially do rumors spread when war requires censorship on many important matters. The customary news sources no longer give out enough information. Since the people cannot learn through legitimate channels all that they are anxious to learn, they pick up 'news' whenever they can and when this happens, rumor thrives. Rumors are often repeated even by those who do not believe the tales. There is a fascination about them. The reason is that the cleverly designed rumor gives expression to something deep in the hearts o the victims-the fears, suspicions, forbidden hopes, or daydreams which they hesitate to voice directly. Pessimistic rumors about defeat and disasters show that the people who repeat them are worried and anxious. Optimistic rumors about record production or peace soon coming paint to complacency or confidence-and often to overconfidence. The author is mainly concerned with —

a) the fascination of rumors

b) the nature of rumor

c) the breeding places of rumors

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Question - 6 : দেয়াল- রচনাটি কার?

a) তারাশঙ্কর বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়

b) বুদ্ধদেব বসু

c) সেলিনা হোসেন

d) হুমায়ূন আহমেদ

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Question - 7 : দু’টি সংখ্যার অনুপাত ৫:৮।উভয়ের সাথে ২ যোগ করলে অনুপাতটি ২:৩ হয় । সংখ্যা দুটি কি কি?

a) ১০ ও ১৬

b) ১০ ও ২৪

c) ১২ ও ১৮

d) ৭ ও ১১

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Question - 8 : বাংলার সর্ব প্রাচীন জনপদের নাম কি?

a) তাম্রলিপ্ত

b) পুন্ড্র

c) গৌড়

d) হরিকেল

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Question - 9 : “মিথ্যাবাদীকে সবাই অপছন্দ করে” – বাক্যটিতে নেতিবাচক বাক্যে রূপান্তর করলে হয় -

a) মিথ্যাবাদীকে সবাই পছন্দ করে

b) মিথ্যাবাদীকে সবাই পছন্দ না করে পারে না

c) মিথ্যাবাদীকে কেউ পছন্দ করে না

d) মিথ্যাবাদীকে কেউ অপছন্দ করে না

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Question - 10 : ২০০৪ সালের ভয়ংকর সুনামি ঢেউয়ের গতি ছিল ঘন্টায়-

a) ১০০-২০০ কিঃ মিঃ

b) ৩০০-৪০০ কিঃ মিঃ

c) ৭০০-৮০০ কিঃ মিঃ

d) ৯০০-১০০০ কিঃ মিঃ

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What to Consider When Moving in with a Roommate

Lease is getting increasingly costly, which relying upon where you live probably won't make it plausible for you to have the option to live alone. Bummer, we know. It's the unforgiving truth of life post-school that can likewise carry-on into your 20's and 30's, contingent upon what city you're in. Living in a particular territory could likewise be dictated by your activity where you might not have any desire to go through hours driving ordinary. One approach to set aside cash, cut a portion of your costs and still live in your ideal territory, is to move in with a flat mate. A typical and very financially savvy alternative for youthful grown-ups, anyway there are a couple of interesting points before you up and move in with another person. Peruse on to look at what to inquire as to whether your planned flat mate is directly for you.

 Contact your system:

 Before you attempt to discover somebody that you don't have the foggiest idea, contact your system of companions. Send an email to your companions or relatives or post a note on Facebook, telling your system that you are searching for another flat mate. Be quite certain with what territory you are searching for and when you need your new flat mate. Likewise, clarify that they should pass it along to anybody that they may realize that is additionally looking.

 Put out a promotion:

 On the off chance that you aren't ready to interface or discover a spot with anybody in your system, place an advertisement on a nearby neighborhood message board or on Craigslist. In your advertisement, incorporate a depiction of yourself, where you need to live, the lease you are hoping to pay just as any relevant insights concerning your latent capacity living circumstance or potentially needs, for example, needing a non-smoker, non-consumer or somebody that works indistinguishable hours from you.

 Set up an opportunity to talk:

 Devote some an opportunity to painstakingly experience your messages and messages to all the more likely evaluate the up-and-comers. Make a short-rundown of imminent flat mates and set up an opportunity to talk them via telephone. This will enable you to become more acquainted with your potential flat mate a little better where you can ask them extra inquiries, for example, where they work, where they at present live, what they like to do on the ends of the week, in the event that they are slick, to give some examples proposals.

 Meet your imminent flat mates:

 After your screening calls, you'll have a superior thought of who you need to meet face to face. Pick a neighborhood coffeeshop or park to meet where you can talk further and become acquainted with one another. After your gatherings, you ought to have a smart thought of whom you feel good and safe living with. For additional affirmation, request references – both individual and expert to get a full image of your planned flat mate.

 Become more acquainted with one another:

 After you settle on your choice, invest some energy with your new flat mate. Regardless of whether that is an easygoing breakfast or going out for drinks, the additional time you go through with your flat mate will enable you to more readily know them before your moving day.

 Talk about bills, cleaning and then some:

 While bills aren't actually a fun subject to talk about, they are extremely significant for you and your new flat mate to make sense of before you move in together. Ensure that you are both clear on whether you are sharing the expense on the entirety of the bills, remembering a discourse for how you will share nourishment (or not) and how you will separate the expenses of other family unit things like bathroom tissue, paper towels, and so on. You can likewise talk about how you will sort out the cleaning, mutual things and which things are beyond reach to every individual. Examining these things before you move in can dodge an awkward circumstance when you are in your new condo or house. Different things to examine: social affairs at the house, visitors resting over, work plans, general wake-up times, and so forth.

 Make a flat mate contract:

 After you talk about your charging framework, draft this down on paper and ensure that you and your flat mate sign it. While this may appear to be cold, it is imperative to have everything unmistakably expressed so everybody realizes how costs will be shared.

 Search for a spot together:

 Presently the fun part: really finding your new condo or home. Make a short-rundown of criteria for your new residence, including what number of rooms you need and your most extreme lease. Visit a couple of spots together until you are both content with the alternatives.