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Question - 1 : ‘বিষাদসিন্ধু’ একটি -

a) গবেষণা গ্রন্থ

b) ধর্মবিষয়ক প্রবন্ধ

c) আত্মজীবনী

d) ইতিহাস আশ্রয়ী উপন্যাস

Right Answer: d) ইতিহাস আশ্রয়ী উপন্যাস

Would you be able to Deduct Home Repairs or Home Improvements on Taxes?

Any zone that you can save money on your charges is something worth being thankful for. Also, with regards to your home, that goes twofold. Your home is one of (if not the) greatest speculations that you'll ever make. So it bodes well that if there is any approach to apply related expenses to your duty charge at that point you'd need to take the plunge, particularly for things like home fixes, which can be an exorbitant amazement during the year. Be that as it may, would you be able to deduct home fixes on charges?

 There is some uplifting news around there, yet in addition some awful news. To start with, the terrible news: in the event that you utilize your home as your own habitation you can't deduct home fixes on charges. On the off chance that your heater loses everything and you have to bring in an expensive fix administration, you're not going to have any plan of action come charge time. The uplifting news, however? You can deduct home upgrades. Befuddled? It begins by taking a gander at the distinction between home fixes and home enhancements, and specifically what they help you accomplish.

 Home Repairs versus Home Improvements

 They sound comparable (and are now and again utilized conversely), yet there is really an entirely unmistakable distinction between fixes that you make to your home and upgrades.

 Home fixes are things that you do to your home to keep it in great condition. For instance, fixing a messed up window, re-grouting an old bath, and managing that previously mentioned busted heater. The objective with home fixes is to restore your home to its optimal—not to make a considerable enhancement for what was at that point there.

 Home upgrades, then again, are things that you do to your home to expand its worth. Think increases, pools, and vitality proficient overhauls. The objective with home upgrades it to expand the market estimation of your property through changes that improve it than it was previously.

 Obviously, some of the time there is cover, for example, when your fix arrangement is a finished substitution. So on the off chance that you fix old and broke windows by supplanting them with a totally new set, that is an improvement. On the off chance that you fix old and split windows by supplanting a few sheets, that is a fix.

 Deducting Home Improvements From Taxes

Okay, so you can't deduct home fixes on charges, yet you can deduct home enhancements. Yet, how?

Shockingly, deducting home enhancements isn't exactly as straightforward as organizing them on your Schedule A tax document. That is on the grounds that, while they can totally serve to bring down your assessments, that advantage kicks in when you sell your home—not on a year to year premise.

 It works this way: home upgrades are viewed as capital enhancements. This implies the cash you spend on them qualifies as something that expands the estimation of your home, thusly expanding the capital increase you'll make on it when you sell.

 At the point when you make a capital improvement, you increase the value of your assessment premise, which is the sum deducted from the deal cost of your home that decides your benefit on it. This is non-assessable value, implying that any cash you spend on capital enhancements and profit that goes into your pockets—and not to the IRS. So while it is anything but a conclusion, it is a major assessment investment funds later on.

 One (great) proviso to this standard is the point at which you make enhancements in your home's vitality productivity. The nonbusiness vitality property acknowledge gives mortgage holders to a 30% expense credit for the expense and establishment of certain vitality updates, including sunlight based boards for home power, sun oriented controlled water radiators, and geothermal warmth siphons. On the off chance that you do make any of these enhancements, make certain to keep cautious bookkeeping of your consumptions.

 Expense Deductible Home Improvements

 With regards to which home upgrades are charge deductible, it's less about explicit enhancements and progressively about what carries the most increased the value of your property. We've secured this previously, yet just on the off chance that you missed it, here's a diagram of the six greatest home estimation drivers:

 1. Upscale carport entryway substitution

 2. Fabricated stone facade on home outside

 3. Wood deck expansion

 4. Kitchen overhauls (minor and major)

 5. Siding and window substitutions

 6. Restroom rebuilds

 As you've likely seen, a lion's share of the most significant home upgrades are fixated on the outside of your property. What makes these upgrades such worth drivers is that they have the greatest returns—which means you recover the most measure of cash in direct correlation with what you spend.

 Yet, for charge purposes, a lot of different updates will serve to build your capital enhancements, including redesigned apparatuses and home increases. You probably won't get very as large of an arrival, however you will add to the pool of benefit that the IRS can't contact.

 Shouldn't something be said about Other Home Related Deductions?

 At this point we've secured the nuts and bolts, for example, the way that you sadly can't ordinarily deduct home fixes on charges and the what and how of deducting any home upgrades that you make. These aren't the main locally established costs identified with your assessments, however. There are two other significant zones identified with your home that can bigly affect what you owe to the feds—including when and on the off chance that you make fixes on them.

 The home office finding. On the off chance that you telecommute, at that point you're ideally effectively acquainted with the home office reasoning. This derivation enables you to deduct the cost of the segment of your home that you use for leading business, gave that it is your chief spot of business, and not simply some place that you once in a while go to do some work.

 In the event that you make fixes to a passing home office—for instance, in the event that you fix the wiring on a wore out light installation—that fix is deductible as an operational expense. The way things are, you can deduct 100% of the cash you spend on making fixes to your home office, however once more, to do so you should satisfy the guideline capabilities for the home office derivation.

 The home rental finding. In the event that you lease a part of your home, at that point you can exploit the entirety of the assessment reasonings accessible to proprietors, and this incorporates home fix conclusions. This is genuine regardless of whether the fixes you make are to help your whole home, and not simply the piece of your home that you lease.

 These derivations can get somewhat dubious, since it's significant that any fixes you make don't really qualify as home enhancements. Here's a decent explainer on boosting your fix findings as a landowner, which incorporates tips like making a point to fix and not supplant, and to just fix things to their past condition.

 Ensuring You Get Your Tax Break

 Regardless of whether it's a capital improvement or a home office or rental based assessment derivation, you need to ensure you do things directly so as to recover your cash. Also, the most ideal approach to do that is to ensure that you securely store all receipts identified with related uses, and that you keep them sorted out so you can without much of a stretch haul them out when you need them. This is particularly valid for capital improvement gains, since it might be numerous prior years you get the tax break. The better records you keep, the simpler time you'll have with regards to qualifying your derivations with the IRS.